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Legal Protection Plan

The Protection Plan provides you with a customized legal roadmap to protect your business. We design a holistic legal strategy that provides you with clarity on what legal actions to take to meet your unique legal needs. You obtain valuable legal strategy and actionable steps specific to your business.  

During this process, we get a clear understanding of your business concerns and long-term goals. We use this information to deliver a detailed legal Protection Plan. 

This Protection Plan is a Legal strategy outline that will include: recommended services, project costs, suggested project priority, and other details. 

During the process we:

  • Discuss the projects you are working on and any challenges you are facing.
  • Learn About Your Business & Identify Legal Concerns and Objectives.
  • Advise you of what steps need to be taken to attempt to accomplish your objectives.
  • Provide written guidance on your legal concerns, while recommending services, and an estimate of our fees.


$499 $249 

Limited Time Until 1/31/23